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Thread: Seek Cisco Firewall Help

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    Seek Cisco Firewall Help

    Greetings, fellow techies!
    I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this is miscategorized.
    I recently acquired a Cisco PIX 520 firewall and need some guidance on how to configure it.
    I'm relatively new to Cisco technology, but have acquired some Cisco assets to assemble a networking lab in my home to provide practical experience to enhance all of my academic study.
    If there is someone who would be willing to mentor me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I will be glad to assist with any questions. Cisco PIX 520's are actually EOL but if you are runing 6.3(5) you should be ok for learning purposes.
    Step #1.Cisco Pix's have different access levels. When you first log in, you are in user mode. From here you can view most settings. To view more specific configuration settings, and to come one step closer to being able to make changes you must enter Privilege Exec (type Enable). To configure your device type Configure Terminal.

    #2. "?" is your friend. You can learn more by typing ? than any guide.

    #3. At the very least you will need to assign an IP address to your interface and add a default route. To do so, do the following:
    config terminal
    interface eth1 -or the name of the interface you are configuring.
    ip address -this will be whatever IP you chose
    nameif inside -name of he interface
    no shut -activates the interface
    route (inside) -whatever your default route will be.

    #4. The Show command helps....For example Show Interface will show the names and config for each interface. "Show ?" will display all available show commands.

    Well the official 6.3(5) guide is 635 pages so I cant very well type that much however if you have any specific questions I will be happy to assist. I have been working with Cisco Pix's for 8 years.

    I also plan on posting some tutorials on my site, www.netleets.com

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