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    Tomorrow (June 17th) is the official release date of Firefox 3!

    By downloading tomorrow you can help set a new world record and also get the best browser around-- learn more at

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    I tried the beta and didn't like it all - some AO'ers have expressed similar sentiments...

    I'm sticking with the current version, and add Firefox to my list of "software I'll refrain from using until others have told the manufacturer what bugs to fix"

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    I've been using the new firefox since the beta was released for both Widows Xp and Ubuntu 8.04. I will agree that the beta versions had many bugs mainly in my Ubuntu install. Since upgrading to the release candidates i haven't had any problems for either operating system. I highly recommend anyone to upgrade with the memory leak fixed and many features added it is a must have. Here is a link to every thing that has been added to firefox 3.

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