Last week Bill C-61 was introduced in the Canadian parliament. Supposedly it protects digital media from copyright infringement.

To be clear, it's a bit better then US DMCA. The danger in C-61 is that it will not serve only to protect the copyright of music and video files, but will possibly hamper the usage of legally purchased material.

I would focus on the element of bypassing encryption or protection. We all bypass some form of protection or encryption, even for a fully legitimate purpose.
Here are several actions you probably won't be able to do, since they'll become infringements
  • Transferring your legally purchased music from a CD to your IPod
  • Playing a region 2/3/4/5/6 DVD that a visitor/tourist/student purchased legally and brought with him for his personal use
  • Using copy/paste from electronic books for quoting within research papers

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