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    Firefox 3 final version - Experiences

    I am just creating a container post for all readers to include their comments on the new Firefox 3
    I'll be downloading it today (still isn't available) and will post comments tommorow

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    Senior Member phernandez's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    So far so good. Some first impressions:

    - Dead simple upgrade from FF2
    - Seems to render pages faster.
    - Doesn't get as bogged down when loading Flash-heavy pages and Ajaxy sites.
    - The new address bar takes some getting used to. Opens up a ton of suggestions.
    - Taking up ~100MB of memory with 7 tabs open and running the NoScript add-on (WinXP) usually hitting 120MB+ on FF2

    Have yet to dig too deep. So far, neat but nothing earth-shattering. Your experiences?

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    Master-Jedi-Pimps0r & Moderator thehorse13's Avatar
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    Washington D.C. area
    *Pretty Interface
    *Half my add-ons aren't supported - BOO!!
    *Still beats MS Exploder
    *Don't like the suggestions in the address bar
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    Hmmm like to see a "Lite" Version..

    and FF never like Flash.. FF3 still dosen't

    other than that.. I like..
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    Senior Member Raion's Avatar
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    I'm still having trouble with extensions (don't feel like waiting for updates) :x

    I tried the work around (editing the install file for the extension but silch) If anybody gets it to work, post please

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    First take - didn't have too much time to play around
    1. Install passed without a glitch
    2. For some reason, the Google toolbar failed, i uninstalled it. Still didn't reinstall
    3. Renders pages faster (timed it with a stopwatch)
    Will post again when i conclude more stuff

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    renders pages a little faster (with major tweaking) haven't checked it out on 'flash' yet. Never did like Firefox...Flock is better and they will be upgrading the code base/engine to the new Firefox base.

    Too much hype over this lead me to believe that it would be just what it is...a minor security 'upgrade.'

    I hate to spend all my time tweaking but there will be some more tweaking in the picture to get this up to my par. I'll stick with Opera 9.5 as my default browser and start tickling Amaya for the fun of it.

    I think I'll play with this FF3 for a bit til I get bored with it but I haven't really run it through all the paces, the gamut, yet. Porn sites are good for that as they've usually got the latest Net Tech applications wise and there is the risk of virae which challenges the browsers sechype no end.

    So...back to the drawing boards on this one. Still, 7 1/2 MB's isn't bad for a browser that should have been tweaked before it hit the streets so the everyday user wouldn't have to grit their teeth and bear it.

    Firefox's sec chief is hot. Window...got ta hand it to ya on this one.

    PS: about:robots is...cute.
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    Master-Jedi-Pimps0r & Moderator thehorse13's Avatar
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    Washington D.C. area
    More suckyness...

    It doesn't handle "unknown" certs well at all. I have a perfectly good EV cert from Verisign which FF3 choked on. To add insult, it makes it very hard to actually view the cert because you have to accept the cert before you can view it. BLEH. Also, it doesn't allow you to chain back to the issuer as in older versions.

    Not happy.
    Our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real. -- Hannibal Lecter.
    Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. -- John Wooden

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    Sep 2003

    New Firefox 3

    I hope everything won't be temporary.
    All i can say it's fast and pretty.

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    Gonzo District BOFH westin's Avatar
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    I am not sure about the address bar suggestions... found this as a way to disable it:

    Disable the Location Bar Dropdown:

    1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar. Hit Enter.
    2. Go to "browser.urlbar.maxRichResults" in the list.
    3. Right click, select "Modify", change to desired setting number.
    4. Change setting to 0 to disable, default is 12.

    heh... seems to work for the most part, it will flash up the results, but then go away, and if you hit backspace, it will still display the suggestions [this is ff3 on Ubuntu]

    The other thing I found to be a minor inconvenience, is that they moved the location of the 'print selection' option... at least in Ubuntu it is different, you have to click a tab in the middle... but like I said, minor inconvenience.

    other than that I have been pretty happy with most of the features... I usually just run with adblock and noscript, and both seem to work well with it...

    Is the relocation of the 'print selection' in windows as well? Just curious...
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