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    It shouldn't matter if your mainboard supports SSD or not. The drive you have has a regular IDE interface so your system doesn't know any better.

    Network booting should be possible. Never tried it with windows though. Should be relatively easy to setup with Linux/BSD.
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    Yeah, I was curious about that, mainly because he said he had an adapter and I was wondering why. I may be having a brain fart about the number of pins he's got on his motherboard and on his SSD, but it should just use a regular IDE, right?
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    Yep, brain fart! ( hit youself to get it out )
    ... but it should just use a regular IDE, right?
    not exactly .......
    Laptop interface .... 40 pin + power in ribbon cable = 44 pins

    thus the need for adapter for a desktop.
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    Transcend support thinks that it may be the drive, i'm sending it back and they are going to send another one. Hopefully that one will work.

    Thanks guys

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