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Thread: yahoo web hosting

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    yahoo web hosting

    anyone here experienced web hosting in yahoo?

    my friend has a website and been down since yesterday. he tries to contact the yahoo technical department and still they have any response yet. we don't know why it did go offline. we tried to ping, trace route, but the only response we got is "unknown host". they (yahoo) didn't even send any notifications on why the website will go offline.

    would appreciate any help. thank you.
    .sig na ture.

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    One of my clients uses it, and I'm admin. Never had a problem except for
    maybe an odd ftp/upload issue now and then. Yahoo is pricey compared
    to Netfirms and 1and1. I've used several big hosting companies. Support
    is generally iffy.

    Doublecheck the billing if you can get into the admin pages. The biggest
    problems I've had with hosting companies is credit cards expiring.
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    Parth Maniar,

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    I run a php site that connects to MySQL and I've been having database connection time outs. Called support but as usual they are clueless and escalated to engineering. Looking for a different hosting provider since Yahoo is completely unreliable for data driven applications.

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    For a personally website I would think yahoo is fine to host with but for a business website? I would want a host you can reach in 5 minutes and get issues resolved. I really cant see yahoo being able to answer a ASP question or fixing an ASP Script. I would suggest Server Intellect for your business needs. We have them and are very happy thus far with them. Does Yahoo even have a tech line you can call to get someone on the phone?

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