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Thread: Nosey Admins

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    Nosey Admins

    Some of you just can't help yourselves

    One in Three IT Staff Snoops on Co-workers: Survey - eITplanet/Reuters

    U.S. information security company Cyber-Ark surveyed 300 senior IT professionals, and found that one-third admitted to secretly snooping, while 47 percent said they had accessed information that was not relevant to their role.

    "All you need is access to the right passwords or privileged accounts and you're privy to everything that's going on within your company," Mark Fullbrook, Cyber-Ark's UK director, said in a statement released along with the survey results on Thursday.

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    So what do you say, you and I chip in on a hitman?

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    Our version of the IRS have terminated some 600 staff in the past couple of years for "inappropriate data access".

    I have already applied for the job............. they should be "terminated with extreme prejudice"

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    My work's a small software company, and because of that we all chip in to run the servers, administer databases, etc. As a result, pretty much anyone has access to everything. I could easily look at anyone's private data, but I just wouldn't - I've got respect for privacy.

    I can understand the attraction that accessing the information holds, but I don't have any respect for people that don't have the restraint.

    Just my opinion (not sure I really brought anything to the thread )


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    Umm.. I'm gonna remove my mail signature which says "IT means reading "YOUR" mail before "YOU" do.."
    Parth Maniar,

    *Thank you GOD*

    Greater the Difficulty, SWEETER the Victory.

    Believe in yourself.

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    All you need is access to the right passwords or privileged accounts and you're privy to everything that's going on within your company...
    You also need a way not to get caught via audit trails.
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    That's why your don't let the tech use his own laptop. You give him one that is key logged and he knows its key logged. That way you keep him honest. Anyways if your don't want anyone to see it, don't do it at work. Besides your supposed to be working!!!!!

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    Ha ha...The most I've ever done is looked through fishy people's mailboxes a little more than I was requested to, just because I was curious. In one case I found out a lady working for a client was holding a second job as a stripper, and was secretly sneaking around with another employee in the parking garage having a bit of a fling.

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    I think they kind of deserve it for being dumb enough to use their work e-mail for sensitive personal topics. I don't even use my work e-mail for innocuous things that aren't work-related, let alone a secret I wish to safeguard. That's a special kind of stupid.

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    My take is that if it goes across company owned lines or takes place on company owned hardware there is NO expectation of privacy because the admins are tasked with the safeguarding of that network at all costs including the butt-hurt of a few employees who are probably doing something incredibly stupid on company time.
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