I've recently come across a new problem in my internet usage experience. My net has become

pretty slow these days. even sites like google homepage takes upto a minute to open. When i

found out the connection statistics, i found the following entries repeated quite a number

of times times at many instances.

Instance 1

TCP pc:1xxx cds6.lga.llnw.net established

Instance 2

TCP pc:2xxx cds481.lga.llnw.net established

I access the net through authentication through a network server, which is on a lan. The

server is a non-windows server. I'm using Avira Antivirus. And the pc is quite busy even

when it is idle(even though its been less than a week since i've formatted the pc). I'm

using Windows Xp professional, with service pack 2 installed. The automatic updates service

of microsoft windows is turned on too. Also to be noted, i have installed only 5 softwares,

all of which are trustable(i had also installed google talk, which i have uninstalled now).

Can this be some spyware/malware installed in my windows registry??

Please help me out in this situation !