Hi everyone,

I would like to set up a 2nd wireless network. My 1st setup is fine apart from the troubles I've been having with my Netgear WNR845T Router - (avoid getting 1 at all costs, just look at the netgear forum for proof).

With the pending 2nd one, I want to be able to allow unsecured wireless connectivity to any one in range.(similar I guess as you might do at an inner city cafe) I have ADSL 2+ capability from my exchange. My issue is that I cant find a wireless router with the required options so that I can administer the following:-

Auto terminate connection when certain download data reached
Auto terminate connection when certain time downloading reached
Speed capping on all, some, connections, if I decide to do that.

Obviously the above needs to be accomplished not using mac addresses but by IP addresses accessing the Router or hotspot as it were.

I have heard of external Linux based firmware upgrades but none are supported by manufacturers who all claim using them would void warranties etc.

I really need a great ADSL2+ capability Wireless Router of great repute preferably Draft - N and if the feature set is not good enough for my needs, suitable firmware thats going to work and not brick the router.

I would love to hear any suggestions or your experience on anything related to what I am trying to achieve here.