My goodness this Linkscanner is a pain.

As of the weekend AVG updates have changed the user agent it was using (which could be identified & filtered) to a standard IE6 user agent which can not be identified.

It's mucking up webtsats in a remarkable way, to the point that they are becoming useless.

There's tons written about this out on the net, but I would have to honestly say that I can no longer recommend AVG to anyone.

The bandwidth implications alone are bad enough for users, but the potential for damage to sites that rank well with good SEO are being hit harder since the scanner probes every search result displayed.

Has anyone thought that this is now the ultimate get out of gaol free card for people busted by the fuzz for visiting terrorism or kiddie porn related sites.

No M'lud it wasn't me it must have been my AVG!!

AND the morons at AVG are defending this, saying they are offering protection to users. Probably in more ways than they realise!!