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Thread: DEFCON 16: August 8-10, 2008

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    Oct 2002
    Must be nice to get to go. I'd love to but I can't

    NP: TSOL - Code Blue. Awesome stuff

    Horsey why not put in an expense for two more people to go? My Wife and I have wanted to go for like ever just to like hang out with people and since you're going at least we'd know someone.

    If you do I promise to get you drunk

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    Where's the conference highlights ?

    Oh well...definitely making it next year...
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    TheHorse... I heard you were paying for me to go. I'm still waiting for the ticket, and transportation.
    Come to

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    United Kingdom: Bridlington

    I have spoken with my naval friends and your transport has been arranged:

    Saddle 'er up boy!
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    Well it seems Martin McKeay of the Network Security Podcast/Blog got ahold of HT and made him a brief star of one of his minicasts, anybody who is interested should check it out (i haven't yet, still at work).

    also: next year someone needs to let me hide in their luggage for the flight out.
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