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    Averatec 3200 suspend mode issue

    I had this lappy for a few years and has been in suspend mode for about two. I decided to see what was wrong with it, and looked a few things up. This lappy did have a power connection issue and one site suggested to take it apart and resolder the joints. I did it and is not loose anymore.

    It is still in suspend mode, and the destruction manual said to press Fn + F3 to activate suspend, but nothing on how to deactivate it. So I unplug it and remove the battery, and out it back. Nothing. I hold down the power button for a min. or so. Nothing.

    The next thing may be to reset the CMOS, but does the CMOS have anything to do with suspend mode or is that on the OS level?

    Any help would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Fn-F3 Turns the display on/off
    Fn-F4 Is suspend
    Fn-F5 Is LCD/CRT

    You might try them all.

    Holding down the power button will just turn the PC off.Try pressing it once and also try the spacebar and "enter" key.

    If you are running Windows 98 or later the BIOS power settings will have no effect.

    Try hitting the Del key on startup to see if you can get into BIOS setup. I would guess that the battery needs recalibration. Also check the CMOS battery.......... strange things can happen if that is flat

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