My parents computer running XP has started acting strangely. Unfortunately I can't see it in action as they're in a different state, but they say every now and then the mouse will start moving of it's own accord and go over and launch things from the start menu. It'll open a few things and then shut them down.

They've run a couple of different virus checkers and nothing came up. I've just sent them links to a couple of the free ones mentioned in these threads and I'll see if that turns anything up.

It sounds to me though as if someone's installed a VPN client - definitely not my parents as they're not computer savy. If so, that might be why it's not picked up as a virus signature i.e VPN client was installed and then the virus removed after installation.

Anyone familar with anything like this going on? and recommendations as to what they can look for - bearing in mind they're not computer savy (and I'm a Mac rather than PC person too which doesn't help matters).