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    Faking IP in chat?

    When we chat with someone over MSN or Yahoo messenger, it's easy to check out the person's IP address (netstat). Is there any way to fake our IP address to whomever we are chatting with? Eg, faking it so that it looks like an IP address from another country.

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    Use a proxy server.

    But I warn you. They may be logging everything, and they may get your account creds. Not like the entire internet's not already being monitored anyways.

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    When you chat - you chat with a chat server. The ip you see is that of the server not the client.

    If you decide to share video (for example) then you make a direct connection between the two clients. Thus showing your IP instead of the server you are connecting to.

    But if you really need to be anonymous - use TOR. Best option

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