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    need file sharing

    I am looking for options for file sharing at my web site. I would like something similar to the file sharing solution at www.9dx.com but I am looking for something that is free. I donít care about web site design, Iím interested in file uploading. I need a way for people to submit art work to me which I can then evaluate and post on my web site. Some of the art can be rather large, more than 20 megabytes. If anyone can recommend a solution or has experience with a solution I would be very appreciative.

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    On what server should it run? IIS or Apache?

    Any particular server side scripting language used?

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    Try e-mail and this:


    I donít care about web site design, Iím interested in file uploading.
    From which I deduce that you haven't even considered security. The problem with free uploading/ website maintenance software is that it tends to (well all the ones I have seen) assume that the person who uses it has administrative rights or is trusted enough to have been given sufficient authorisation.

    I would really need much more detail of how you envisage this working to be able to suggest anything other than that which I already have. At least it restricts access to your website by separating the site/update from the initial data collection..... and it is "free".

    Incidentally, what sort of artwork is this? that is what file type extensions are we looking at?

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    I've used this Java applet to let clients upload files to our work website -


    It's an FTP client so it allows large files that wouldn't work through a form posting. You can restrict files by type (not sure if it's just suffix or full mime-type) for some security.

    If you use an FTP user with limited privelages i.e write and no read and only with access to a certain directory it should be reasonably secure. Couple that with only providing access to the applet through an area which requires them to be logged in and there is a level of traceability.

    The biggest downfall of this applet if needing to put the host, login and password into the parameters. It's encrypted, but if you let it loose to the general public, I'm sure someone would reverse the password.


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