Dear friends,

I'm new here and I'm not sure if my question might seems so dummy to you so excuse me if it's not a right place to ask it.
I used nikto for a site (not mine). I paste some lines here:

+ OSVDB-0: GET /scripts/samples/details.idc : See RFP 9901;
+ OSVDB-396: GET /_vti_bin/shtml.exe : Attackers may be able to crash FrontPage by requesting a DOS device, like shtml.exe/aux.htm -- a DoS was not attempted.
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/handler.cgi : Variation of Irix Handler? Has been seen from other CGI scanners.
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/ : finger other users, may be other commands?
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/get32.exe : This can allow attackers to execute arbitrary commands remotely.
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/gm-authors.cgi : GreyMatter 'password' file, that controls who can post. This contains login and password information and is installed mode 666 by default. See for more info.
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/photo/protected/manage.cgi : My Photo Gallery management interface. May allow full access to photo galleries and more. Versions before 3.8 allowed anyone to view contents of any directory on systems.
+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/wrap.cgi : possible variation: comes with IRIX 6.2; allows to view directories
+ OSVDB-0: GET /forums/@ADMINconfig.php : PHP Config file may contain database IDs and passwords.

and much more.....Now think that the site
I after I saw this result:
"+ OSVDB-0: GET /cgi-perl/gm-authors.cgi ....."

but the site says:
"The page you requested could not be found...
Click here to continue"

Now my question is that what's the interpretation of nikto results? Where did he get /cgi-perl/gm-authors.cgi if it does not exists? or where can I access to this directory or others?

I searched a lot for an interpretation example of nikto results but I didn't found anything. Please let me if you know any.

Thanks a lot