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Thread: Virtualization: Security Tipping Point?

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    Virtualization: Security Tipping Point?

    Does virtualization's new high profile warrant security worries?

    Are VM Environments Open to Attack? - LinuxInsider

    The mobility of virtual environments can also create a security quagmire. Virtual machines can "walk off": Since their containers can be downloaded to desktops and put on a memory stick, on which they can then leave the physical security perimeter.

    "Virtualization can be implemented and systems can be as secure as if they were running in an environment natively, Eric Mandel, CEO of managed hosting services firm BlackMesh, told LinuxInsider. "The idea behind using virtualization is to carve out multiple system [images] on one physical machine. The same security concepts apply to the virtual images as they do to a native system, with the exception that the owning system has to be locked down as well. There are always security risks that have to be considered in any environment."
    And that's just one example...

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    When most of the 'experts' talk about security, they focus on the hack, the vulnerable system, the workarounds. These are all very important fields of view when talking about virtualization (instance escape being a hot topic now).

    But I like to look at the business continuity side as much as the technical. Everyone loves the idea of virtualization because there is a cost savings. Admins and developers take this cost savings a bit further, hitting up the lowest bidder for the hardware. Cheaper hardware is now being taxed because of the multiple functions it's performing. Next thing you know, raid arrays are failing and instead of losing one machine/capability, you're now losing 20.

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