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    help! W/Error code 0x00000024 xp

    Hello fellow members of Antionline.com I'm currently having an issue with my Notebook Which is an Alienware Area-51 notebook. The OS XP Professional. The error code is (0x00000024) it doesn't allow me to boot into windows normally, also, it doesn't allow me to go into ANY of the'safe mode' options. For example, I select *last known good configuration* and it just reboots into the same screen Every option does this on the SAFE MODE menu Screen.
    I loaded into the BIOS and reset it all back to factory settings. My HDD is being detected on the splash screen & in the BIOS. So I know it's not my HDD. It's a corrupted NTFS partition which isnt allowing me to boot into windows normally. I searched google and this is what I found:


    I've downloaded UBCD4win, and have it all installed on my other computer hoping I can burn it to a blank cd-r and install it on my notebook to fix the problem but as soon as I click on the UBCD4WIN icon it says sorry must be administrator to run this. Which I am I checked under the user account screen and I'm logged in windows vista home as admin so don't know why it's not working. PS; I don't have the XP cd and I do not want to format my HDD to fix this issue. Can anyone recommend any ideas, tips/software for me so I can fix my notebook and get it up and running again. Thanks, cn22

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    I moved this thread from Questions About AO to here. And I would suggest that you may want to look at Stellar Phoenix Recovery. I've used it before to recover data and it's well worth it for what I've used it for (at least twice at this point). You can use it for free to see if it sees data and then pay to get it recovered ($99 for a single user license)
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    Hi there , with the Vista issue, right click on setup.exe or whatever you are trying to run and choose "run as administrator".
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