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    Legit Sites as Malware Pushers

    Security experts have been warning about it for a while and now folks are starting to notice...

    Legitimate websites face new threats - Globe and Mail

    More than 60 of the world's 100 most-visited websites fell prey to hackers embedding malicious code on their pages. Some of the tougher viruses infected as many as 500,000 websites before security experts discovered them and were able to create patches to prevent against future attacks, Mr. Chenette said.

    A Trojan horse that infected a TD Asset Management website went undetected from Wednesday of last week until 10 p.m. Friday when the page was taken down and repaired.

    "It wasn't a TD-targeted event, it was a broader Internet event," Toronto-Dominion Bank spokesman Simon Townshend said.
    Some might consider yourself discriminating enough to keep away from the shady sites on the Web, but soon it may not matter.

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    You don't have to visit websites....

    I loaded the software that came with a HP printer and that was loaded with programs that siezed my computer from what I wanted it to do looking for updates at the HP site. That fit the definition of "malware" to me.

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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