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Thread: How to get info about a person through his phone number

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    Quote Originally Posted by morganlefay
    isildur....I am not sure what your question is??.....call display on cell phones???.
    yes we even have internet tubes up here...but no "Wally worlds" ..that I have come across anyway. and yes we have pre pay anonymous cell phones...

    and cable TV too boot...actually we had cable before the US did...

    go figure

    You would never know it with the state of our current communication situation.....we are laggarts compared to the innovators we once were

    You forgot to tell him we have flush toilets too morgan.


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    You forgot to tell him we have flush toilets too morgan.
    I have heard about those

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    Here are a couple websites you can use to try and find some info about a cell phone person, but most of the websites that provide information requre a fee, also with number porting the information may be out of date, the up to date information is relient upon the carrier to be updated..


    The only down side to alot of these websites is they all are just a different interface for the same database and will say the have info and requre a fee.

    anyway good luck on your bet
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    Quote Originally Posted by morganlefay
    I have heard about those


    IIRC Canada recently got the electric light. But I cannot verify that.

    @ OP What's the bet? There are lots of ways to get a phone number. AND where are you, plus, where is the phone number you want to get. Or don't you know that?

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    I am not sure what I said that brought about all of the sarcastic comments. I was asking a serious question that actually would indicate that I had heard that Canada was ahead of the US. In the US, we do not have caller ID on our cell phones. So when we receive a call, we see the number calling but not a name (unless they are in our address book obviously). I had heard on a radio show (Off the Hook) that in Canada they had this service on their cell phones. IF that is indeed the case, then I was puzzled what would appear on those calls coming from prepaid cell phones that Walmat (amongst others) sell, that you can pay cash for and show no identification (I assume something to the effect, unidentified). I have been to Canada many times and know that most areas have indoor plumbing and such (and yes I have stayed in some fishing cabins up in Northern Ontario that did indeed have outhouses). Plus there is the added bonus that Cuban cigars are legal but unfortunately way overpriced.
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    Simple, you got dudes phone number run it through google see what it detects. If nothing pops up, you can do a reverse lookup on the number and see *who* it belongs too/ trace it back to the cell phone provider. If you really wanted to know you could also spend a few bucks and really see who owns it persons name/address etc.... once you know the name you can go to *his* local city and state and check out the local sheriff office website or query his name and see what type of crimes he commited if any and other information. Run mine you would see a long list of invaluable information much like a career criminal lol only joking. I'm an outstanding citizen who pays his taxes like much of the blue collar workers. hehehehehe

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    Oh Good God...

    OK, first, yes, Canada has "prepaid" cell phones. I know, I saw them. I lived in Montreal for a year or so, and saw a lot of things.


    This bet sounds dumb to me, but I doubt you ave every reason you made this one. If it exists, I mean, you could just be doing some crappy social engineering to do something else that requires this, but either way, I accept cash and can do what you're asking.

    Most of us, or at least me when I'm doing this very thing do this:

    First I type the phone number into Google. Where I live depending on how you have your phone account set up, you'll either get nothing at all, or you'll get the name on the account, the address and a nice little link from mapquest on how to get to their house. Cute huh?

    If that turns up nothing I open up one of my little toys; A switchboard like the phone company has. That generally pulls up enough to get going.

    If all else fails, reverse look up. That will display anything from just who it's registered under, all the way up into the name addy and phone number of the person.

    If I use all 3 I generally find what I'm looking for. I will admit that finding a Switchboard isn't exactly easy, but having friends inside the big bad bell does help. It's not illegal, but if you walk into a phone company or ask an operator to sell you one you aren't going to hear a yes at the other end unless you offer them enough for bail and retirement. It's easier to find old ones that are "broken" online or from the phone company, as they will sometimes sell those, and they aren't exactly hard to fix if you know what you're doing, or are obsessive about tech stuff.

    The easiest way is probably to listen to the reverse look up, or pay me to do it for you. I'm good at humiliating friends who make bets

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