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VM loves resources.....and depending on the OS you are running it on...and the OS you are runnning in the VM.....oh and lets not forget the applications and services on both machines.....you need a lot of fricken resources
Ain't that the truth. I finally sprung for a $2G's of new hardware, a dual-core
desktop and a laptop, the same. 2GB's RAM each. Nothing extraordinary by
today's standards, but after running other people's throwaways for years
(philosophical choice), I no longer "wrestle" with VM's as I once did.

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All MS Oses........and far too fricken many services and applications running on both....can be tweaked. (I didnt configure it...would like to though )
For now, I'm running Workstation v.5.5 on a ThinkPad T61. I can run two VM's,
say Fedora and W2K, on top of the XP host and this thing does not skip a beat.
Linux makes a better host than Windows though, but I'm not there yet. When
I told one of my co-workers I'm running VM's on Windows, my character apparently
came into question (not the first time!).