Hi there

Seeing as though I am working in the IT field I thought I would get your views.

I was employed for "technical support" as my primary role but obviously they put a clause in the contract that management can ask you to do other roles.

So now they started pumping me with "sales" work.

However there is this one lady in the office whom is sales hoever she keeps pumping me with her work.

She does this infront of the boss which he says nothing so I assume he sees nothing wrong with it.

When I speak to my boss and explain that I have alot of technical stuff to do and if I do this sales rubbish I will not give the clients that need help my full attention.

His response was that I must manage time better.

What to do ?

I also feel that if I neglect that clients it isnt right. I dont want to. But this lady keeps pumping me with work.

Confront her? Bomb her pc ?