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    Giving fax program rights.

    Hi all

    Just a quick question seeing as nobody knows how to do this in my office. We have the fax console on our server with a fax modem connected to it.

    Anyway after wanting to send something confidential that nobody else can see I would like to do it over my built in fax program that I discovered in windows business. Apparetly it is only included in ultimate and business via control panel, add addition windows components.

    Anyway when I try to run it and "connect to a fax server" via the network - it picks up the server but throws me out with not enuf permissions.

    I have gone into the fax console on the server, added myself as a user and given me FULL access.

    I dont know where else to look and no one really wants to help me.

    Server is 2003.
    Exchange is 2007.
    Workstation is Vista business.


    I will attach the screenshot from my workstation. The help file isnt much help either but this is a security issue, nothing to do with the fax program though.
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