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    Unable to Boot Win 2003 PDC

    My PDC running windows 2003 SP2 is not working, whenever i try to boot the machine i get the error message "LSASS.EXE - System Error, security accounts manager initialization failed because of the following error: Directory Services cannot start. Error status 0xc00002e1.

    Please click OK to shutdown this system and reboot into directory services restore mode, check the event log for more detailed information."

    I went to check online for the help came across the following link:


    But its not helping me out as the both steps written are not working and the problem is i can't even run the Active directory as well.

    This machine has no backup Domain i can only boot it in Directory service mode, please help me out as i dont want to loose my whole data of AD and go for creating the domain again.

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    So...you have performed the steps in the MS article...

    or you cant get into the recovery console???

    What are the errors you receive when trying to run the recovery console??

    What changed...new AV program???

    Do you have a system state backup??

    Something changed the permissions

    Is it worth the 245 USD to call MS??

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    the both steps written are not working
    Which steps did you run exactly?

    Did you run?
    1. ntdsutil files info - Verify File Locations
    2. ntdsutil files integrity - Check the integrity of the Active Directory database
    3. ntdsutil "sem d a" go - Perform a Semantic Database Analysis
    4. Perform an offline defragmentation of the Active Directory

    If no system state backup is available, there are no other healthy domain controllers in the domain, and you must have the domain controller working immediately, perform a lossy repair by using either Ntdsutil or Esentutl
    Just keep this next comment in mind!
    Although the domain controller may start and may appear to function correctly after the repair, its state is unsupported because the data that is deleted from the database can cause any number of problems that may not surface until later.
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