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    I am actually wondering if this is a single effort or some sort of combination?

    From what I can see, although Reunion.com are a total shower of scumbags, I suspect that they are incompetent toe-rags to boot?

    I think that their site has been owned and is probably serving drive-by infections as well. That would explain the fake security product? unless, of course, the thing is really online............... err, well the message probably is, but was there any download or any real scan?

    I don't believe that Reunion would knowingly let someone try to spam fake AVs from their very own spamsite. With "40 million users"?................ seems like too good a power base to squander?

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    As they say, there's one born every minute. The general public, from what I've seen, seems to think that if it's on the internet then it must be legit. I mean, seriously. I remember a commercial out of the US that was selling some pill that made you smarter or something. And they had a deal where you'd get the pills for free if you just paid for shipping. Well they quoted one customer as saying: "They're giving it away for free?! Well, then it must be good!".

    With logic like that, can we really be surprised?!
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    Just a little warning, we had a user register for that site and we literally started receiving thousands of spam email messages from them, spoofing as from that user to other users. It was severe enough that we blacklisted their address space and have left it that way since.

    Pretty accurate representation of what 'we' saw:
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