To all the programmers out there.
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Thread: To all the programmers out there.

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    To all the programmers out there.

    hi there all

    I will be writing my n+ in the next month.

    After passing that (im sure I will) I want to broaden my mind a little bit.

    Seeing as though I am working I cant go and study full time so I will have to do correspondance.

    Would it be beneficial for me to lean towards programming?

    I did abit of Java in high school but thats about it.

    EDIT: Well I think an introductory course to programming will be beneficial, it will tel me whther it is for me and give me a fell into what language I would like to go

    I always see c# jobs at about triple my current salary.

    What does every suggest I try to obtain?

    If you arent into programming you are more than welcome to give your view on this.

    a MCSE , security + is also in the pipeline.

    I would also very much love to get into the *nix part of things.

    Please give me your opinions.
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