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    BSOD during Olympics

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    0x000000F4, and I bet the next one is 0x00000003

    I would initially suspect a RAM problem or the HDD (RAID1 anybody) Corrupted/damaged memory block in the page file?

    Perhaps their minister of IT should join AO?

    Somehow I feel glad that I am not the CEO of Lenovo

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    lol it's as though there's a hidden switch or something that trigger's the famous BSOD to appear at all these sort's of events.
    I mean bill gates showing of windows latest OS and bam BSOD.
    it's appearing everywhere, heck i'm always spotting BSOD on advertiment signs.
    Worst place would have to be a local shopping centre of mine and your guaranteed to see at least BSOD in the centre.

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