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    We had the same problem about 6 months ago where someone deleted the wrong OU. Luckily we use CommVault Active Directory agents on our Domain Controllers and were able to restore the OU. We had to wait for the OU deletion to replicate to all DCs in order to prevent the older/restored data from being overwritten due to the older USNs.

    I imagine other backup solutions provide something similar to CommVault's Active Directory agents. I highly recommend a safety net like this.
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    Wow, talk about bringing up painful memories.

    Kind of an old thread, but thanks for the suggestion on CommVault. I actually use a script now that runs CSVDE once a week to back up our AD into a CSV file. I know that this will not store password info, but I can reset those easily enough with a script.
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    Well, I think this is time to close the thread.

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