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    What people do for WiFi

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    Nihil, I don't know about England, but in the US a lot of motels advertise "Free Internet" service. Of course, what they mean is "Internet Service included in the price of the room." I wonder what they would say if someone took their laptop to the motel and asked them for the "Free Internet"?
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    Hi preacherman,

    Yes, we have the same kind of thing over here. By "free" they mean that they don't charge customers anything extra, which some establishments do.

    I live in a small town (pop. 32,000). We have the following facilities for free WiFi connections:

    1. Railway station
    2. Bus station.
    3. 2 public libraries (also provide wired connection and PCs whilst open)
    4. Tourist information office.

    There are also hotels and bars, but you would be expected to buy something.

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    I've done a few amusing things to get me some free interwebz. My favourite would have to be messing with a pay phone enough so that it would let me use a dial up account.

    used to sneak out late at night. ( I was only a teenager and didn't have internet connection at parents house).
    with my trusty p2 laptop that took near 5minutes to boot up and a further 5minutes to establish an dial up connection and at least 1 1/2 minutes to load up the browser.

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