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    Career question..

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    I have been in the health-care field as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy the last five years. I have always wanted to be in IT ever since middle school. At the time of joining the military, IT was not an option. Whether they really wanted medics and didn't have any opening in IT I don't know. I do regret not having the years of experience I could of had in IT if it weren't for the career path that the military paved for me. I found out that I didn't want to be in the military especially in that career field forever so I just got out a month ago. I got a mortgage to pay and it kills that I want to change career paths and might have to experience a pay cut but if I don't leave health care I will never accumulate the experience needed and just delay the inevitable. Love to get paid more than 14$ an hour. I have an associates degree in general studies with central texas college and in a week I am enrolled to start taking classes with Capella university. I am in their Information Assurance and Security BSIT specialization. Security field interests me and it makes me feel good that that particular program is backed up by the NSA and homeland security as a center of academic excellence and meets like two govt it standards one being info sec professional. (the only online school that meets this accomplishment, not really able to make it to university in Atlanta all the time) It says it follows the ics2 curriculum for CISSP it just bothers me after knowing all the information to pass once I complete the degree I still wont be able to take the test and by the time I can after four years of security work experience I would of forgot a lot of the book smarts. I hope to use my military years of service and my health care experience to use by possibly joining the public health service as a health service officer -IT. I would be O2- LTJG making 80k (base pay+housing allowance in area I am living in now) Thus only having 15 years to receive a pension. I just want to make sure that if that wasn't a option (would probably have to relocate as there aren't many positions available to most likely Maryland, DC, or VA)that I will still be set in a correct path to make a good salary. NSA would be good to get into too if I they let me It would kill me if I had the degree and still couldn't get a real job making real money (50k+). I know a lot of things take consideration. Right now I am almost half way through a A++ book and find it really easy. I have a lot of experience with Microsoft OS's and their products so I think in the mean time of completing the degree doing the A++, Network +, Security +, and MCSE will do me best. I know Nursing is what everyone is telling me to do but I like to think I can make due without having to sacrifice doing something I don't want to do for the rest of my life. Any advice would be appreciated.

    The degree I am enrolled in. One big problem is that its expensive. Still cheaper than doing an IT bootcamp I think. 1500 every 6 credit class and I have like 16 classes left. Maybe they can give me class alternatives with cheaper schools.. doubt it.

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    Dude... This is a forum.. Give people time to read.. If you want instant answers join some IM chat group..

    Remember that the world we live in (the Internet) spans multiple timezones. When you wrote this someone else just went to bed.
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    You could also take the SSCP exam to start off with. Remember that experience isn't just direct security experience but also time as an admin (you will do security functions there that qualify as well). The SSCP only requires one year of professional experience and is a shorter exam.

    As far as the right path, I've always contended that for computers there were two major growing fields: security and virtualization. The only other industry that will see significant growth is nursing (aging population and all). Given your background, I'd also look into HIPPA training as that tied with the security would bode well when it comes to helping hospitals and other medical institutions to meet the requirements for HIPPA et al.

    I don't know how good Capella's program is but I did consider it at one point and it seemed to be good (at least on paper). You may want to do a search online for "Capella university reviews" to read what others have written about the institution or it's instructors.

    Edited to add: one other thing of note. Don't just look at the bottom line ($$$) as to a reason to take something. Look at what you enjoy and whether you could tolerate doing it day-in and day-out. You're not going to get 50K right off the bat once you get your degree. But the potential is there for growth and advancement than you'd have without it.
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