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    Sharing a router

    I'm currently living in an apartment, in which i know the next door neighbors. So i got the idea of my roommates and theirs to share a single internet connection (which was the neighbors since they got the higher internet package from Time Warner Cable). It seemed like a good idea with the connection getting 6381 kb/s download speed (results are from speedtest.net). My First question: is this enough bandwidth for 9 people to share (mainly for normal internet use ex:youtube, and checking e-mail). Second question: is there any way I can find out the amount of bandwidth that is being used for the whole router. Third question: people are constantly getting kicked off of AOL and just having trouble connecting to the router (I'm rarely on AOL and I haven't had the same problem connecting) what could be causing this.

    The router that I'm working with is a Motorola SBG940, internet provider is Time Warner Cable, and I'm usually running Ubuntu with everyone else running a mix of Windows Xp and Vista.

    Thanks to anyone that is able to provide help

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    1) yes but do remember that one person can hog all bandwidth (p2p i.e.)
    2) Look in the manual, if it supports SNMP it'll be easy to get those numbers.
    3) bad connection? bad cables? bad router?
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    Yes I did think that a p2p program or even that one of the computers got turned into an irc bot. That was why I wanted to know if I could monitor the overall bandwidth that was being used. I don't think the router supports SNMP, but I look into it. As for the router being bad it’s not very likely since it is new. Thanks for your help.

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    You rarely come across a router that doesnt support snmp.
    Install mrtg if ofcourse, snmp is available.

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