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    One text box for several search engines?

    So I'm just barely starting to get into web development. I'm learning Ruby on Rails and brushing up on XHTML/CSS. That said, I'm a complete newb in training.

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to code a search bar that links to 3 or more other search bars? For example, you place text into one search bar, hit search, and it searches google, yahoo, and msn and displays the results in three different frames on another page (or within the same page....whatever). Is this in any way possible/legal or am I just dreaming?

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    Something like this you mean?

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    Submit the search value to a different page.


    Now in differentpage depending on the technology used, I could have many ways of achieving it.
    If i were using JSP, I'd use something like the code below.


    <Content Of differentPage>

    <jsp:include page="www.google.com?search?hl=en&q="the+meaning+of+life" />


    <jsp:include page="Other search engine url?search?hl=en&q="the+meaning+of+life" />


    Hope you got the point.
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