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    Vista annoyances.

    Can anyone REALLY tell me how to stop the task scheduler in windows vista.

    Theres plenty of muppets on the net saying run this, do that, editt his....nothing works.

    Even now I have enabled the admin account in vista..the options in task scheduler are greyed out and cannot be changed.

    I am sick of this thing defragging my h/d when I am trying to play a game or whatever.

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    Stop scheduled disk defragmentation
    Microsoft has considerably simplified the disk defragmentation interface in Windows Vista, and made it an automatic process, figuring (probably accurately) that 99% of their user base does not know what disk defragmentation is and would not do it anyhow.

    By default, Windows Vista will run a disk defragmentation process (essentially making sure that all the files on your drive occupy contiguous drive space and are not scattered all over the surface of the physical disk) every Wednesday morning at 1AM. If you happen to be up gaming at 1AM on Wednesday morning, this will play havoc with your frame rates. It's probably better to disable the automatic defragmentation process and do it manually once every 3-6 months.

    To disable automatic disk defragmentation in Windows Vista:

    Open the 'start' menu and type 'defrag' in the search bar. Hit 'Enter'.

    Uncheck the 'run on a schedule' check box.

    Click 'ok'.

    That is it, now just remember to defrag when you are not gaming and you should be fine.

    Now I can not tell anybody what operating system they should use, but you should look into other alternatives if your current OS is not to your liking.
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    I have the same problem with windows updates, antivirus updates, AV randomly scanning, etc. Usually during a critical moment, like when I'm rounding a corner getting ready to take off somebody's head with an UZI or in the middle of a raid or something. Murphy's law for the lose.

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    Almost ALL software installed to a Microsoft operating system, automatically sets itself to check for updates, or run automatically at a scheduled time.
    Going through and disabling them is a pain, but it is worth it.
    It almost reminds me of a video called Trusted Computing that I seen on the net long ago.

    Just go through all your programs and disable the updates, upgrades, and scheduled tasks for each one. Just remember to update/run them at a more convenient time for you.
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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