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    Exclamation Remembering 9/11

    Seven years have gone by since that dreadfully horrible day. While many people and groups hold remembrances and memorials abound, we remain safe for now. There are hordes of anti-Bush squads flocking to jump on the bandwagon of hateful and spiteful rhetoric. President Bush's "legacy" will be the fact that American has not had any further attacks (to the date of this post).

    All to often we condemn rather then praise someone for a difficult task or decision. There are too many lunatics criticizing some very hard decisions and the world watches these people make absolute @$$es out of themselves. Why do I call these people @$$es? Simple, today should be a day these idiots should be thankful we haven't had any further attacks.

    Instead of a grateful and thankful heart, many cities across the nation are protesting and committing acts of violence. Is this how we should remember our dead loved ones? Is the current state of our country what we really want the world to see?

    I personally don't believe that most of this country appreciates the lunatics using the horrible and tragic circumstances of that fateful day as a platform to spew their narcissistic and vengeful rhetoric.

    This is the one day in recent history we should be coming together as a nation, not behaving as a bunch of warring tribal factions. We have truly become a selfish and ungrateful nation when we can't put our differences aside for one day.


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    If President Bush had focused on the lessons of 9/11, pursued Bin Laden and finished the business in Afghanistan instead of pursuing his agenda against the "axis of evil" which wasn't connected to the attacks of 9/11 maybe the rhetoric wouldn't be so bad.

    I agree with you about protesting on a day of remembrance though, save it for another day, choose W's birthday then have a national protest that day.

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    Simple, today should be a day these idiots should be thankful we haven't had any further attacks.
    Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean that it won't. Please do not think that America is in any way "secure".............. it isn't. You cannot prevent terrorism as long as you have people that way inclined.

    As an intellectually challenged minority, politicians are only capable of half-baked knee-jerk reactions. Get used to it folks, it has been like that for centuries.......... about the only thing$ politician$ can handle effectively are "brown envelope$"

    As for protesters................. why bother, and about what?. They remind me of spoilt brat football supporters screaming for the coach's head because the team isn't playing that well.

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