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    Vista and Wireless Mac addresses (what's the problem?)

    This have been bothering me for some time now. I can't seem to properly get a mac address to change in Windows Vista.

    I've made attempts on several machines running this operating system, but my labor bears no fruit each time. And each time it happens I search google only to find instructions that do not work.

    What am I doing wrong here guys? I actually was having the same problem with an OsX machine (the wireless adapter's mac address would not change). But I eventually figured it out with the help of google.

    But this Vista BS is driving me nuts. I tried using the Device properties options to change the mac address and restarting the computer, and I also using a program called macmakeup. of course no option worked....and that's why I'm here.

    Somebody wanna shed some light on this one for me? What's with vista and wireless adapter mac addresses?
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    Have you tried updating your network card drivers?
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    Try this thread: http://antionline.com/showthread.php?t=258381

    Not sure if it's applicable to Vista, but it's worth a try

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