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    h4cky0u and blackbay war lol

    I thought its pretty funny.

    This is not related to antionline in any way so please don't flame.

    Both sites have been at each other because people are leeching each others vip stuff to the other's vip section. So blackbay.org decided to DDoS attack h4cky0u.org then I noticed blackbay.org went down so I assumed h4cky0u retaliated. Should be fun to see how it turns out. DDoS attacks are stupid and pointless since no one ever wins in the end.

    Just thought I would info you xD.

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    It's even funnier that the 2 site's at the end of the day are owned by the same people.

    create controversy, people keep coming back to see all this supposed stuff going on.

    they are simply creating fake controversy and cashing in.

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