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    Question PHP: forwarding POST data

    hey Guys,

    i was wondering if there is an easy way to forward POST data from one PHP script to another?

    for example if i were to have an initial web page and 2 following PHP scripts, which all collect information from a user. on the first web page there is a HTML form through which the user enters their name, this form then posts that data to a PHP script. then this PHP script collects the name data (from the initial page) and displays a HTML form to collect the user's address information, this form then posts the address data to a second PHP script and forwards the name data. then the second PHP script displays the information for confirmation, before it is forwarded to a final PHP script which updates a database.

    i can post data from one form to a PHP script, such as the name from the initial web page to the first PHP script. but it is the forwarding of POST data that i'm not sure how to do, such as forwarding the name data (with the address data) from the first PHP script to the second. i suppose that i could use a temp text file to store the data from each form, but i was hoping that someone could inform me of a better way to acheive this forwarding of POST data?

    thanks in advance,

    - user0182
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