I am creating a website for a small business with a partner of mine. The website is FAR from finished, but I logged on to the admin backend of the site (it's based on ZenCart) and noticed that today I got almost 400 individual visitors according to the ZC statistics. However I've plugged in Google Analytics to the site also, and it only shows about 90 hits in the past month. Not sure where the big difference lies, but I'm somewhat spooked by the huge jump in activity. Can anyone suggest where to start looking for any issues?

My site is not defaced, the products still have accurate descriptions and prices, there are no more admin accounts in the backend than the two I originally created. I'm going to check out if there are any more folders in my hosting space, as well as search through the file structure for extra files like warez or anything.

Can anyone tell me other things to look for to make sure this was just a spike in activity? I looked at the "most viewed items" and there's not 100 hits counted all together, so I'm assuming the visitors were not looking at products, and instead are possibly viewing the admin login. Maybe trying to hack the site but are unsuccessful so far??

Thanks in advance for any help! If anyone can link to a guide for hardening a zen cart site that'd be awesome. Then I can just follow directions. lol.