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    Smile Use the power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate WiFi 'password recovery' times

    A Russian firm is using the power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate WiFi 'password recovery' times up to 10,000 percent, with some people saying this means encrypted WiFi is no longer secure.
    David Hobson, managing director of GSS, claimed that companies can no longer view standards-based WiFi transmission as sufficiently secure against eavesdropping to be used with impunity.


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    Yes, this has been in the pipeline for some time now?


    And before that I recall some guys hooking together a number of games consoles.

    Apparently the design and functionality of graphics and gaming processors make them far more efficient at dedicated tasks such as this.

    To be honest I would have thought that any sensible organisation would not entrust commercially sensitive information to anything other than VPN. What their customers do is an entirely different matter

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    Geez... Just remembered when I switched to an all-WPA setup after WEP was cracked and one laptop couldn't make the transition because of an ancient 802.11b implementation. Good times!

    Here's a different perspective...

    WPA and WPA2 are still safe, experts call BS on NVIDIA cracking - The Tech Herald

    "These guys are forgetting two things- first; this method doesn't work AT ALL against an enterprise installation (RADIUS) of WPA," wrote Rich Mogul, discussing the comments made by GSS.

    "Second, as the original article added as an update, this attack only speeds up brute forcing. Use a long, strong passphrase for your WPA key and you're fine," Mogul added.

    Robert Graham of Errata explains this in more depth. "At worst, all this really means is that you have to add one extra character to your WPA password to achieve the same level of security. Password cracking is exponential. Each additional character in a password makes it 100 times more difficult to crack (assuming you use upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols)."

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    The added power of GPU isn't realistic... they saved the time of cracking a single character (so if you had 7 characters, change to 8) and it cost them almost a grand in video cards to accomplish even that. My WPA password is 23 characters... I'm fairly confident it isn't being accessed just yet.
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