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    Password > 14 characters?

    Hi, this is a really weird one, and probably doesn't belong in this forum except that it relates to logging into AO.

    I have been away for around 3 weeks. It was a contract that I was given at the last moment and had to start immediately. Given the nature of the customer's business, there was no internet connectivity and I was living in my wife's house which does not have a phone or internet.

    I got back Sunday and was too tired to bother with the internet. I guess it was around Monday lunchtime that I tried to get onto AO. I got the wrong password/user ID message.

    Tried it several times, rebooted and all that, still the same thing.

    FF2 and Windows XP SP3

    I tried different passwords in the fond hope that I might have forgotten which one belonged to AO.............. no dice

    I updated to FF3 and still no joy.............

    I rebooted and then it worked

    What I had noticed (after a long while) was that it wasn't accepting a password over 14 characters (which mine is).

    I believe that this was prior to the upgrade. OK, no great deal, but it took me 3 days to spot that the password was being truncated. The strange thing is that my Windows login is more than 14 characters and worked, and so are my wife's and my e-mail accounts (accessed through FF2), and they worked.

    The only possible clue is that I had noticed that FF2 was taking a lot of RAM and eating up virtual memory................. but I cannot figure out the logical connection.

    Any ideas folks?

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    Could of been the site didn't like the cookie stored in your cache.
    Could also be due to the upgrade that took place also.

    Usually if i have issues, i do the reset password option, get the email click the link and assign a fresh password or keep the old one.

    But i usually out of habit change my online passwords weekly, minimum 10 char etc etc.

    Good to have you back also Johnno, was starting to get a little worried

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    Hi there mate, and thanks for the kind words

    This was happening before the site upgrade, and I ran CCleaner and cleared private data in FF.

    I suspect that this instance of FF had become corrupted in some way, as it had become a real memory hog as well (much more than usual).

    I ran Memtest and checked the HDD with no problems reported, so I am reasonably happy now.

    I only posted this because I have never seen anything not accept the full length password that it was set up with............. corrupted password not working, yes, but not actually truncating the input. It was quite a while before I noticed what was happening, so I thought that I would mention it in case anyone else comes across a similar problem with password acceptance.

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