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    China Snooping on Skype IMs

    Proof emerges that China is monitoring Skype text messages. Surprised? Likely not. But the way that it was discovered will surely amuse you...

    Surveillance of Skype Messages Found in China - New York Times

    In just two months, the servers archived more than 166,000 censored messages from 44,000 users, according to a report that was published on the Information Warfare Monitor Web site at the university.

    The researchers were able to download and analyze copies of the surveillance data because the Chinese computers were improperly configured, leaving them accessible. The researchers said they did not know who was operating the surveillance system, but they said they suspected that it was the Chinese wireless firm, possibly with cooperation from Chinese police.

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    The penalty for using hype and/or e-bay should be death

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    Reminds me of when I was in HK last year and the buggers were monitoring outbound email



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