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    Question Reverse engineering

    What online resources do you generally hit up and recommend for this subject?

    What tools do you use on windows and/or linux to do your work on this topic?
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    Probably give that page a go. A little old, but should give you what you are looking for.



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    I'll write in this thread even though its old and give the people some tips if anyone steps into this topic

    Good online tools for analysing is sandboxes, for example Anubis (http://anubis.iseclab.org) & ThreatExpert (http://www.threatexpert.com)

    Other tools that will come in handy when reversing some binaries is debuggers, dissemblers (IDA & OllyDBG is my tools of choice) Sysinternals 'Strings' and Hex editors might also help you if you wanna do a quick look
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    It also depends a lot on the language. Some languages are extremely easy (can even find online tools to do it for you) unless they are properly obfuscated.

    There was one... can't remember what it was called, that was online. It could disssamble most c, c++, java, and php files. They had a pay version that was more robust and worked with more languages (I think they even had crap back in the pl1 days). Basically they were trying to sell their obfuscator software.

    If it was coded properly (haha like that happens), then you wil lprobably have to use crim's idea and sandbox it, then step through the program.
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