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Thread: Free Music!

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    Free Music!

    I decided to post this for all the music fans out there, which is really REALLY nice... I found this the other day when I had finished an install of a Linux distro that had a link to a site I hadn't heard of before, and after a while I wanted to check it out, and so I finally loaded the page up to see what ti was, and it turns out... FREE Music.

    I don't mean "Sign up or pay for something or deal with 200 pop ups" free either. I mean you go to this web site, you select what kind of music you want to listen to, and then it shows you what they hae, and you click on play and listen to the WHOLE Album, and if you like it, you download it. FREE.

    Right now I'm downloading a bunch of German Punk and Industrial and yesterday grabbed mostly punk and electronic.

    All for free.

    By the way, not only is this awesome awesome website free, it tells you how to get it in MP3 format as well on Bit Torrent. The default I've seen is usually Ogg Vorbis. Which Winamp and every Linux and BSD player can generally use easier. And if you have one of those Corporate Distros that doesn't come with good MP3 support, well, there you go. It's all supported.




    Good selection of Industrial there and punk too.
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    That's a somewhat decent link Gore.

    also there's a few that i some times find myself Browsing.


    Also http://www.g2p.org

    although i get the feeling that some might consider them warez sites also.

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