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    Post The Western Digital RE3 and Hitachi's E7K1000

    The Western Digital RE3 and Hitachi's E7K1000 are the best terabyte HDDs that either company has to offer. Their stats are very similar as far as seek times, number of platters and cache and the differences in performance are just as close. ExtremeTech has their work cut out for them in picking a winner.

    "So today we continue our series of reviews of 1TB hard drives. Currently on deck are two contenders, both representing the pinnacle of their respective product lines. In one corner is Western Digital's RE3 drive; in the opposite corner is Hitachi's latest Deskstar 7K1000.B. These prosaically named products each offer three platters, six heads, and 32MB of cache."

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    When you consider:

    1. 1 Terrabyte
    2. SATA
    3. 7200rpm
    4. 3Gbps transfer rates
    5. THE PRICE!
    6. The warranty (like these are industrial strength)

    I would certainly be in the market for either of them............however, given that I am still contemplating upgrading a 20Mb 286 to a 52Mb 286, I don't suppose that there is a rush? Like what would I do with a T of space?

    Nice kit for home server and home entertainment though?

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