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    Vista is a virus -- sorta.

    It's always been joked about but now it finally happened. Vista was identified as a virus/trojan. ROFL

    Source: The Register

    McAfee has fixed an update glitch that wrongly slapped a Trojan classification on components of Microsoft Vista.

    As a result of a misfiring update, published on Monday, the Windows Vista console IME executable was treated as a password-stealing Trojan. Depending on their setup, McAfee users applying would have typically found the component either quarantined or deleted.

    More can be found here
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    *Shrug* wouldn't be the first false positive. There has been quite a few occasions when Symantec has completely ruined systems.

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    lol nice blunder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Spec View Post
    *Shrug* wouldn't be the first false positive. There has been quite a few occasions when Symantec has completely ruined systems.
    I have seen this too. I did tech support for thinkpads for a while... People would try to remove the preinstalled trial of Symantec AV, and often times have to reload the OS...
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    It happens. It's even happened plenty of times to more respected AVs such as nod 32.

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    Of course its a virus.............. if you embed the malware into your own proprietary OS, then patch Tuesday becomes far easier doesn't it?

    Yeah, Trend Micro, AVG and Avira have all had these problems over the past few years.

    I wonder if MS are partly to blame by not letting partners into the inner secrets of Vista though?

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    Hi there,

    We had a problem where Panda Av caused the winnet.dll file in system32 on Vista machines to be deleted.

    Was fun.
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