Hey all

Yesterday our network got hit very hard by some malware. Panda Corporate didn't spot it and neither did our perimeter defense. Everyone is "trying" to blame someone , blocking Gmail etc.

Now instead of fixing the problem the idiot would rather try and "plug" a hole rather than admit than the AV we have implemented is totally crap.

An AVG PC with an outdated database was able to detect everything on my flash drive.

Anyhow on my workstation AVG is cleaning things up, however there are 2 production servers left which the boss is on my head for.

1st server is running stable at the moment.
2nd server keeps on going into standby mode for some reason, I have checked the power settings etc and everything is fine, I would assume this is malware based. Every 20 seconds it will go into standby and will pause the work/scan at hand.

Any ideas how to clean this in a timely manner?