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    ATX 2.2 is just a suggestion?

    ATX 2.2 is just a suggestion?

    The branding "No Rules Power" on the Xigmatek NRP-MC851 850w [COLOR=green! important][COLOR=green! important]Power [COLOR=green! important]Supply[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] might make some people nervous, there are a lot of rules that need to be followed if you want to make a PSU that is even slightly reliable. [H]ard|OCP was quick to point that out and unfortunately it was a harbinger of bad news to come. The build is solid, the capacitors used are high quality, as is the technology behind the unit, so it should be a shoe in. That turned out not to be the case.

    "No Rules Power! That makes for a good product tag line, but we all know damn well that power without rules makes for a terrible computer power supply. Does Xigmatek's NRP 850 watt PSU play inside the rules when it comes to serving up 850 watt?"

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    Same old story................as prices fall and demand shrinks then QA/QC goes out of the window?

    At a price point that would be a little on the high side, but certainly not unreasonable for a good 850w unit, at $189.99 the Xigmatek NRP-MC851 would have had a hard time being an award winner if it had just performed as well as other CWT PSH units. However, after two different failure modes on two different tested units, the NRP-MC851 is not a unit that we would recommend being on enthusiasts short list at this time. Hopefully Xigmatek will figure out the QC issues with these units quickly as there is no reason a CWT PSH should perform this poorly.

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