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The latest Kodak DVD archival material which is supposed to have a life of 100 years. It is expensive though.............. I would be inclined to check other manufacturers for their archival material. Also, price getting another drive.
Yea, I have thought about that. But realistically, I'm thinking within the next 10 years give or take, I'll be able to copy these disks to a new medium, like blue ray or something not so volatile. Point being, I'm looking for something to last, but it doesn't have to last my entire life.

And yes, C:\Saw is correct, it is static data, so I'll only need to back it up once, and store it in a low humidity low light container I've yet to find.

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any conclusive evidence as to how long disks last (I know this also depends on the manufacturer).