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Thread: Auditing Object access/Privilege use in Win xp with Sp2/Sp3

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    Red face Auditing Object access/Privilege use in Win xp with Sp2/Sp3

    Dear Friends
    Is there a way by which we can configure to audit object access for any folder/file/printer for a standalone winxp with sp2.(Not on Active directory/SACL not configured in active directory)?
    Is there a way by which we can know if any USB Pen/ Removable Drive has been inserted into the computer and if any cd has been burnt using win xp's inbuilt features?
    Pls accord priority.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    I think by using a combination of these to links...may help you with it.

    First drive must be NTFS, then turn auditing on...then set audit on the files associated with the usb



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