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Thread: Ubuntu Updates Screwed Up My Display.

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    Hey gore, I'm having a problem

    I installed all 3 cds with xorg and kde installed, but i login as root in console and I cant start the xserver. I tried xorgconfig and startx as well as looking for the xorg.conf and xinitrc.

    I'm guessing I'm in the wrong runlevel?

    Does slackware start in 3?

    do I have to nano into innitab?

    Omg, I just added e17 to my repos, and holy sh** it is the coolest thing ever!!! Talk about beauty and conserving resources!

    It is easily the most beautiful interface I've ever used.

    Thanks for the suggestion gore
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    Slackware by default is runlevel 3. If you want you can either type

    init 4


    kdm or gdm depending on what you installed.

    you can use nano but I normally just use Vim to edit that if I want X to start at boot, which I don't normally do as typing init 4 is pretty simple.

    Just remember Slackware is different from RedHat SUSE and Mandriva, init 5 isn't going to load X like it does on those.

    And yes, E-17 is a jaw dropping look. Wait till you see the themes in there that have the motion wallpaper. One fo them I have plays the breakout game as a wallpaper. You load it and your wallpaper is a moving game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayneman1 View Post
    I just found this article on digg saying that ubuntu has been getting slower since 7.04. The forms on the website seem to point to a flaw in the kernel, since other distros seem to be having the same slow down.
    This is the link to the article with a the test results.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I installed Intrepid Ibex last week and it is noticeably faster on boot. I've only had one crash and that was from a certain emerald theme. (I could recreate by applying the theme). I'm running Compiz and Emerald and it works without a hitch.

    One thing that is really nice, is the wireless setup. It's native now in the network setup and actually works. I've always had an issue with Rutilt or some other third party wireless utility constantly dropping or juts not connecting for fun. Now I just put in the wireless info and it has worked every start up so far and never dropped. That was my biggest Ubuntu annoyance.

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    Heh. I started to install Ibex, but it warned me that they had dropped support for my video card. I decided to hold off for a while. I have the LTS version of 8.04, so I think I will stick with that for a while.
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    Xorg seems to be in the process of introducing a lot
    of new magic to the detection and configuration of
    hardware. I had problems with video resolution when
    I upgraded Ubuntu. The new xorg.conf file has a lot less
    stuff than before, so you may or may not have to
    manually fix it. I think I booted the live cd from the previous
    version and cut&pasted the xorg.conf file to fix it.
    I suppose in the end they'll get it sorted out. The goal is a
    completely magic config, using HAL, or something like that.
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    Check out this upcoming xorg alternative (replacement?):
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